What to expect from my online personal training services?

Bespoke training & Nutrition Plans

I understand the importance of tailoring exercise and nutrition plans for you, I am not one of those personal trainers who will send you a generic plan. My training plans have been tried and proven to work. I have used over a decade of experience and working with some of the best coaches in the world to plan your regime.

I will provide guidance on exactly how many calories, protein, fats and other macronutrients you should be consuming each day. You will know which foods work best for you and for your goals. This plan will be focused on achieving your goals whilst still being able to enjoy tasty food - because that's what life is about right?

Weekly check-ins/Weekly video updates.

Each week I will send you a video discussing your progression and targets. During the week I am sure there will be plenty of conversing; I will summarise each week into a video, this will be a great opportunity to highlight any changes, or any aspects of your fitness life you are struggling with. The feedback videos will indicate which areas of your journey are going well, and the areas we could improve, this will allow me to plan your following week accordingly.

Unlimited on-hand support

Finally, I will be contactable throughout the day, I am not an online trainer who will provide you a program and have little to no contact after. I understand the importance of building a relationship with you, I want to be your online coach but also a friend.


If you would like to take part in the 16 week transformation, please enquire with me directly. This will include a private studio, a professional photographer, spray tans, oils and other materials to really show your progress. You can keep these images for yourself for a sense of achievement, or to show the world how you’ve smashed your fitness journey.


Online Coaching Membership packages



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per month

Full elite coaching throughout including nutrition.


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